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the owls have been talking to me

but I'm sworn to secrecy

friend to the undertow
amélie, angel, angela carter, ann radcliffe, anna karenina, art, bad education, baking cakes, bat for lashes, beth gibbons, björk, books, brian froud, brothers grimm, buffy the vampire slayer, byron, cake, castles, cats, celtic, chocolate, cinnamon, cocorosie, coleridge, dragons, edgar allen poe, elizabeth gaskell, elves, etymology, f scott fitzgerald, faeries, faery, fairytales, feral children, fey, film, flowers, folklore, forests, george eliot, gigs, glamour, gothic literature, great expectations, green, gustav flaubert, haiku, happiness, harry potter, haruki murakami, high cheekbones, history, howls moving castle, importance of being earnest, indie, information, james marsters, jane austen, jeff buckley, joanna newsom, joss whedon, kate bush, katherine briggs, katherine mansfield, kazuo ishiguro, keats, kiki's delivery service, labyrinth, le tigre, leo tolstoy, librarianship, libraries, literature, love, lycanthropy, magic, magic realism, marina warner, mermaids, michael faber, midsummer nights dream, mirrormask, monsters, music, mysteries, mythology, old books, oscar wilde, pan's labyrinth, penguin popular classics, pirates, pixies, poems, poetry, portishead, powerpuff girls, pre-raphaelites, princess mononoke, questionable content, radiohead, rasputina, reading, research, return of the cat, romeo and juliet, scrubs, sea, shadow of the wind, shakespeare, sky, sleater-kinney, snow, sonic youth, sparklehorse, spirited away, stars, stone circles, supernatural, susanna clarke, suzanne vega, tarot, tea, the breeders, the bronte sisters, the dresden dolls, the eels, the go! team, the great gatsby, the long blondes, the scarlet letter, the sidhe, the white stripes, theatre, unicorns, urban legends, vampires, vanity fair, victorian, virginia woolf, whimsy, wilkie collins, william blake, william butler yeats, wolves, woods, writing, y tu mama tambien, yeah yeah yeahs, yo la tengo, yorkshire